20-Week Abortion Ban To Take Center Stage

In the midst of many issues facing the Trump Administration, the President himself has signaled to the leader of the Susan B. Anthony List that he is looking forward to signing the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” if it passes the U.S. Senate on October 3, and makes its way to his desk.

“We want to be there for the woman, and we know we need a law to protect the children,” said [Marjorie] Dannenfelser.

The pro-life leader is not only optimistic that the bill will make it through the Senate and be signed by the POTUS, Dannenfelser believes the media will cover it.

“This will be a big issue in the 2018 Senate elections,” she explained.

“The other thing that is different this time is that the president of the United States, who I talked with last night at the White House about this, considers it a high priority,” added Dannenfelser. “So this has become now a national conversation, not just a conversation that you have off on the sidelines.”

The bill itself is sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks and seeks to criminalize abortion after the 20-week of gestation mark, the time that medicine has determined when a human fetus can feel pain. If passed into law, the bill would criminalize the abortionist, not the woman seeking it.

Abortion itself has been a political hot potato for decades thanks to the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade that overrode several states’ legislation and made the killing of unborn children legal. (Social acceptance, though, has never actually been achieved.) Since that time, medicine has made it possible for babies born months early – well past the 20 week mark – to survive. Also seen since that time is the most vocal opponents of abortion are those who used to work in the industry.

“Not only will passing this legislation keep a promise we made, but all the work is for the same goal: ending suffering and helping people live,” said Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), on Tuesday.

There are no guarantees that the bill will pass, but at least the matter is under discussion.

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