5 Quick Facts About Texas Shooter Devin Kelley


Every time a mass shooting happens in the United States, the main questions the people have is who would do such a thing and why. The same questions have surfaced following the shooting in a Baptist Church in a small rural Texas town outside of San Antonio. Who was Devin Patrick Kelley and what on earth made him walk into a church and shoot to kill?

1. Served at one point in the Air Force

Several reports confirm that at one time, Kelley enlisted in the US Air Force and was dishonorably discharged due to not being able to adjust, and bad conduct. According to CBS News, he was court-martialed in 2014.

2. In late October, Kelley Posted A Picture of A Rifle on Facebook

To the non-firearms American, the rifle in the picture is awfully lethal looking. Kelley said it, “She’s a bad bitch.”

3. Kelley Was Married

Stranger things have happened than men who go on shooting rampages being married. Several reports reference a mother-in-law who has a post office box in Sutherland Springs, the town where he committed the shooting.

4. Was A Bible School TeacherĀ 

One of the more stunning tidbits to come out in various reports about Kelley was that at one time he was a teacher of 4-6-year-olds at a vocational Bible School in Kingsville, Texas. Somehow, Kelley passed whatever background checks were in place.

5. Wore All Black And Tactical Gear to Carry Out the Shooting

For whatever reason, Kelley dressed the part when he went on his shooting rampage. Just like the not quite right shooters in Columbine, Colorado, and any number of other places, Kelley went for high drama when he got dressed on Sunday morning.

Kelley is no longer breathing, and that is thanks, according to reports, to either law enforcement, a well placed shot by someone in the church or a bystander, or a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Before he died, he led law enforcement on a chase and was supposedly found dead in the car.

More information is bound to surface soon. This shooting, unlike Las Vegas and some of the others in recent memory, really does appear to be a lone lunatic gone off the deep end. Why that happened is another matter. The answer to that question may not be as easy to find as Kelley’s Air Force record (which was provided to the media by the Department of Defense).

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