The Little Problem With One Of Judge Moore’s Accuser’s Story

When Gloria Allred showed up representing the women who accused Judge Roy Moore of Alabama of sexual…something…decades ago, it was a sucker bet that something hinky would turn up.

Well, in Leigh Corfman’s account, something hinky certainly has surfaced, and only the alternative media seems to be asking questions about it. The claim goes that Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, says that Judge Moore asked permission to “watch” her then 14-year-old daughter while she went into a courtroom. Following that incident, Moore, who was a young assistant district attorney at the time, supposedly asked for Corfman’s phone number and then started calling Wells’ house in Gadsden arranging for two dates in the process. It was on one of those supposed dates that Moore made sexual advances to Corfman.

There’s just one itty bitty fly in that ointment.

According to court records, Corfman’s father’s house was in a completely different town called Ohatchee.

“This would mean that from the court hearing on February 21, 1979, until Corfman was ordered to move to her father’s house, Moore would only have had 12 days, including the day of the court hearing, to have repeatedly called Corfman at her mother’s Gadsden house, arrange two meetings, and attempt another. Moore has strenuously denied the accusations,” reported Breitbart.

Oddly, the fact that there was a window of just over 10 days for all of the alleged incidents to have taken place was not raised by the Washington Post’s article. Even more strangely, the change of custody and living location is completely missing from the accounts of Moore’s accuser….

Not only do court records indicate that Corfman stopped living at her mother’s house during the time frame of the accusations, but details provided by the accuser simply don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Huh, imagine that. Really anyone who has dated outside of romance novels knows that ten days might get you one date, but not two. And the Washington Post glossing over details that might put their carefully crafted narrative in doubt….

These are things that make us all go hmm….

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