Liberals Celebrate Addition to Identity Politics


In the wave of anti-Republican voting that happened on Tuesday in states where mass immigration has changed the demographics severely, one district in Virginia actually voted a transgender American into office. For lack of a better pronoun, “she” defeated Robert G Marshal, a thirteen term incumbent Republican who claimed to be Virginia’s most severe homophobe.

Why this actually happened is a matter of opinion. There are those who say that Marshall’s failure to debate the person known as “Danica Roem” hurt his chances of reelection. Undoubtedly, there are many conservative voters who failed to show up in Virginia since their choice for governor was Ed Gillespie, a member of the never Trump coalition. And then there are those who blame Marshall’s homophobia for his loss – including his own sister.

Or maybe, just maybe, Robert Marshall was one of the last stalwart defenders of what we consider to be traditional marriage, and the natural order of things. See, what all the champions of transgenderism, and those who apologize for the sexually disordered, refuse to admit is that simply calling a human being either a woman or a man does not make it so. When one is conceived, a specific set of genes designating one male or female is created. Aside from the occasional freak of nature who has an extra set of X chromosomes (the people themselves aren’t freaks, it’s the natural accident that is), there is no getting around this reality. There is also no getting around the reality that a person born a man cannot do what a real woman can (naturally conceive and give birth) without severe medical intervention. The plain and simple truth is that real women are needed to produce the next generation which is what marriage is all about.

It is that simple. Women who live as men and men who live as women, whether or not they have had their bodies altered, are living a lie. And many of them are forcing that lie into the most basic building block of social order – the family. The family as that building block cannot survive unless it is built on honesty and truth. Transgenderism is neither.

And so, the people of one district in Virginia invited one of the Trojan horses of societal destruction into their state house. The question now is how long before that fact is recognized.

Political Lindsey

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