Mitt Romney Sends FIRM Message To Judge Moore

The never Trump crowd  in Washington is getting increasingly vocal about trying to get Judge Roy Moore to drop out of the Alabama senatorial race. First the Republican Party senatorial election funds have dried up following a few women coming out of the woodwork after decades of silence accusing the man of sexual misconduct. Now the country club Republicans even have Mitt Romney making a pitch to get Moore to just go away.

Really? A person only can have presumed innocence if they are on trial for a criminal offense, not if they are in the midst of being smeared with the opposition using one of the oldest and most tired dirty tricks in the arsenal of muddy guerilla politics? The bimbo eruption? The more that comes out about Leigh Corfman, the first woman to claim Moore inappropriately “initiated sexual contact,” the more people are seeing through the entire story.

We now know that when the alleged incident happened, Corfman was seventeen, not fourteen and in the late seventies, when whatever supposedly happened was supposed to have happened, seventeen was past the age of consent in Alabama. (Age of consent is a moving target, anyway.) We also know, that Corfman has been a Democratic operative, and another woman who had leveled similar allegations against Moore, Deborah Gibson, worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

In all, far from falling for the latest sex scandal story in the headlines, the American people are calling the bluff of the chicken littles known as the Republican Party.

Of more than 15 Republican voters in Alabama interviewed by NBC News, none said their support for Moore would change.

Most said they didn’t believe the allegations and some said even if they are true, that wouldn’t sway their vote for him next month because they think Moore is a good man, should be forgiven and they could never bring themselves to vote for a Democrat anyway. Several attacked the media.

As for Judge Moore, he, of course, denies the allegations, and those supporting him either think him innocent or don’t care one way or the other.

That doesn’t change that for some reason establishment Republicans do not want Roy Moore in the Senate…and they think the American people are too stupid to ask why that might be.



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