BREAKING: Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dead At 91

Hugh Hefner

April 09, 1926 to September 27, 2017


Hugh Hefner, the worlds leading authority on silicone enhancement, is dead at 91.

The man responsible for more kids developing an interest in reading than the public school systems passed away at the infamous Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California with his family and friends comforting him.

The well-publicized escapades of Hugh Hefner in the early years of Playboy are no doubt not very well known to today’s youth, who are surrounded by scantily clad girls by the time they get into middle school; but for those of us that grew up through the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, Hugh Hefner was the man wearing the shoes every red-blooded American male wanted to walk in. LOL

Unlike today’s porn industry, while Hugh Hefner would no doubt be the grandfather of it, it is nothing like what he created. The porn industry Hugh Hefner started on the eve of the sexual revolution as he always said, was an industry, or really lifestyle with class.

The elders of his generation would probably not agree with that, but they were from a generation when women wore clothing a man needed bolt cutters to remove. ­čÖé

Hugh’s first Playboy Mansion was in his Chicago Townhouse but it was in 1971 when he bought the 22k square foot mansion in California the parties at his house got really big.

He had also opened a bunch of Playboy Clubs around the country staffed with women wearing provocative bunny outfits. If you had not reached your 21st birthday before 1988 though you probably never had a chance to see the inside of one. ­čÖé

Playboy Enterprises has been struggling through some changes in recent years. Apparently not as many young men are interested in reading at a young age in this era of computers with smut sites covered with raunchy nude women.

Word is Hugh Hefner is going to be laid to rest next to Marylin Monroe, the woman who appeared on the cover of the first Playboy Magazine. The photo of her was actually from a 1949 nude calendar shoot she had done.

I heard one of the talking heads make the comment this morning that it’s hard to imagine Hugh Hefner is in a better place… LOL The man definitely┬álived the ultimate male fantasy

The man definitely┬álived the ultimate male fantasy life surrounded by scantily clad beautiful women 24/7 and the party at the Playboy Mansion never stopped…

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