Proof We Need The Wall; Look What The Border Patrol Found

After this week, there should be no doubt we need a wall, or some sort of impenetrable barrier along the southern border. In three separate incidents targeting three separate smuggling operations, border patrol agents discovered previously deported criminals, and MS-13 gang members trying to sneak back into the country. From Breitbart:

Federal authorities arrested 31-year old Eugenio Franco shortly after he had illegally crossed into the country just west of Nogales, Arizona, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the U.S. Border Patrol revealed. While processing the foreign national, authorities determined Franco to be an illegal alien from Mexico with a long criminal history in the U.S. He is also a known member of the MS-13 criminal gang.

While carrying out regular patrols in the desert area near Arivaca, Arizona, federal authorities also arrested 41-year-old Julio Santos, an illegal alien from El Salvador. During processing, authorities discovered the man had a long criminal history in the U.S. He is also a known MS-13 gang member.

Shortly after the arrest of the two MS-13 gang members, authorities arrested another Mexican national, 42-year-old Fernando Lopez De La Cruz, near Tucson. While processing De La Cruz, authorities learned the man had been deported and is a convicted sex offender. A Washington state court convicted De La Cruz and sentenced him to 71 months in prison on the charges of rape and attempted rape of a child.

These three men were discovered thanks to cooperation with federal border control authorities and local law enforcement who are sharing information such as mug shots and finger print identification. These are the sorts of people that moonbat mayors of sanctuary cities are letting roam free, and who are a danger to Americans every minute they are loose on the streets. (Mexicans, too, but that nation does not seem to be interested in protecting itself from them.)

These are the sorts of people who collectively make up the big reason we need a more secure southern border. Yes, terrorists from the middle east, and various other nations hell bent on our destruction are coming across as well, but so are middle aged men who are career criminals. They are not dreamers, not people who came here as children as part of chain migration, but really bad dudes who are paying to be smuggled back into the country. Why doesn’t matter. What does is that a wall is at least a deterrent and one does not exist where these people crossed.

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