Roy Moore Just CRUSHED Mitch McConnell With 2 BRUTAL Words That Will Change Everything

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    Roy Moore

    Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican who is running for Senate mid December,  just issued a scathing response to Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell’s unfair attacks against him.

    McConnell criticized Moore after the Washington Post published a suspicious story accusing Roy Moore of having sexual contact with a 14 yr. old girl nearly 40 years ago. There isn’t any proof of this woman’s allegations, it’s her word against his.  In fact, Roy Moore has served 40 years in the public eye and his reputation has been flawless.

    Even though these allegations hold zero water, McConnell refuses to give Moore the benefit of the doubt. Earlier this week, McConnell stated to the media that he believes Moore’s accusers and thinks that Moore should drop out of the race for Senate.

    Today, Roy Moore changed everything by finally going on the offense against Mitch McConnell. On Twitter, Roy Moore gave McConnell two brutal words of advice…

       “STEP ASIDE!”

    This morning, Judge Roy Moore tweeted out the following:

    It’s not surprising that Mitch McConnell would have such animosity towards Judge Moore. McConnell contributed a whopping 30 million dollars to Moore’s primary opponent Luther Strange. Even though Judge Moore was only able to raise 2 million for his campaign, he still defeated Luther Strange with ease.

    Roy Moore is not an establishment Republican. The people of Alabama love Moore because, like President Trump, Roy is a Washington outsider.  Judge Moore has proven to be loyal and honest in his track record and liberals hate that.

    The people of Alabama are not stupid, they can see right through the dirty tactics of the left.

    This is a witch hunt that will NOT end well for Democrats

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