Russia Russia Russia: Impending Arrest of Don Jr. And Jared…Fake News?


In the effort to pin the Russia collusion tail on someone – anyone – from the Trump administration, the latest swamp gas coming out of Washington is that a source, unnamed, of course, has declared that either one or both of Donald Trump, Jr., and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner are due to be indicted any day now.

A quick perusal of Claude Taylor’s twitter feed assures the reader that the man is a raving leftist looney bird. But also consider the words in the actual Tweet: “FORMER DOJ official” meaning this person, whoever it is, has no first-hand knowledge of the investigation as it is ongoing. There is no way this statement is not hearsay and/or speculation. In the nomenclature of the day, this is fake news.

The left has its hopes pinned on nailing both Don Jr. and Jared for “collusion” which is not a crime unless it involves an anti-trust case which has never been a part of this Russia Russia Russia narrative. So, whatever happened if it was just a conversation that went nowhere is not illegal, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The collusion in question is supposed to have happened in 2016 during a meeting with a Russian official. After stolen emails referring to that meeting were published online, Kushner, went back in his records and crafted a public statement that claimed he emailed his assistant from the meeting itself and told her to call him to get him out of it. It was a waste of time in his estimation.

Don Jr.’s recollections were just about that level regarding that meeting.

And then there are the business ties. There are perfectly legitimate reasons that those of the investment class work with Russia. Jared Kushner’s firm, including a partner, helped some Russian businesses including at least one with owners tied to the Kremlin somehow (that could be hard to avoid in Russia). How is this truth interpreted by the Democratic swamp people?

“I expect there’s a good likelihood Jared Kushner will be indicted for money laundering, and then we’re going to see how far this Russian involvement goes,” Dean said in an interview on MSNBC.

It’s as if they expect everyone in politics to be crooked. And now they are sending out signals that smell more like hot air than actual scoops to anti-MAGA mouthpieces who are more than willing to spread disinformation.

Yeah, we’ll see how accurate these tea leaves are.

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