Saudi Prince With Ties To Clinton Machine Arrested By His Cousin The Crown Prince


Somewhat missed in the whirlwind of weekend happenings, was one arrest in Saudi Arabia that really should be raising eyebrows. In the midst of all the arrests initiated by the Crown Prince of people in the government and his own family for corruption, among other charges, the name Waleed bin Talal surfaced as one of the people taken into custody.

Those who follow not just the Clinton machine, but the investors of Citibank, the Four Seasons, Twitter and Newscorp will recognize the billionaire’s name. He is one of or the primary owner of each of those interests.

Bin Talal is but one of dozens of family and cabinet members arrested, however, he has the distinction of being the only one called out by name in a Donald Trump tweet.

Which leads us to the ties to the Clinton regime. It seems that Bin Talal was a $25 million donor to the Clintons very own money laundering machine.

Well alrighty then. The Warren Buffet of Saudi Arabia, as he’s been known, was paying the tithe to the Clintons. Well, he bet wrong, didn’t he.

It is interesting to note that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, initiated these arrests after President Donald Trump and members of his cabinet visited the Middle Eastern nation and were honored with a sabre dance, something only done by that ruling family for those who are truly respected. Of course, Medium gives readers a clue as to why this all may be happening amidst an impressive explanation of the economics behind the move.

As the story of the massive Saudi royalty purge develops, Americans should anticipate these arrests and the subsequent investigations will implicate Obama and Clinton in major ways. Investigations into Obama-Clinton impropriety by special counsel Robert Mueller encompass Obama and Clinton’s financial ties and dubious political alliances with both Saudi Arabia and Russia alike.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia knows on which side his bread is buttered. It is that simple. How this all completely relates is not yet known, but more is bound to come out in the near future.

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