President Trump Stands Tall Projecting American Strength Where Obama Groveled In Weakness

Back in the dark days, when Barack Obama was the public face of the United States to foreign nations, the dingbat went to Japan and embarrassed the heck out of the nation. Not only did he actually bow, but he did so from the waist, which in Japanese culture is a not always a sign of respect, but can be one of regret. And then there was that handshake….

Obama Bow
American Weakness

In contrast, the people’s own President Donald Trump arrived at the Royal Palace in Tokyo, and as is customary from American presidents, merely nodded his head. Trump was very clearly respectful of the Emperor, and, as usual, Mrs. Trump was attired in a dark blue dress that somewhat resembled a kimono, and was definitely not insulting to her hostess. The empress returned the compliment and rather than wear an actual kimono, as she did when the Obama’s visited, the woman who is revered by everyone in Japan dressed in western-style attire.

President Trump
American STRENGTH!

An administration official traveling with Trump on his Far East tour told that bowing is ‘not his style – never has been.’

In 2009 when Barack Obama visited Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, he made a grand gesture by bowing at the waist to the 5-foot, 5-inch Akihito.

It wasn’t the first time Obama was caught up in a bowing scandal: Seven months earlier, he appeared to bow to the king of Saudi Arabia during a G20 Summit in London.

American Disgrace

So, in addition to Trump honestly reversing a lot of Obama era mistakes domestically, he is also repairing diplomatic relations that we Americans were assured only an experienced politician could accomplish. And he’s on the receiving end of respect returned.

American Beauty & Grace
American Beauty & Grace

Globalist elites can put that in their pipes and smoke it.

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