Trump Is Outdoing Reagan In One Critical Area

In one critical area of Make America Great Again, it seems that President Trump is absolutely meeting his goals. (For this, he doesn’t have to work with Congress, so it’s not all that difficult to get the ball rolling, actually.)

President Trump promised to eliminate two federal regulations for every one new regulation introduced, and gosh darn it if he and his cabinet aren’t working their tails off to make that happen. (See what happens when you put business people accustomed to getting results in charge?)

According to two separate studies, Trump and his team are outpacing even Ronald Reagan in the cut the red tape department.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute said that Trump has issued 58 percent fewer major and costly regulations than former President Obama and slashed the Federal Register, the government’s rule book, by 32 percent.

And American Action Forum said that the Trump administration has saved $560 million by cutting regulations and meeting its promise to eliminate two old rules for every new one.

“As the Trump Administration transitions into the new fiscal year and next phase of Executive Order 13,771, it can reasonably claim net regulatory savings of roughly $560 million under the EO’s first phase. There have been some new regulatory costs, but activity on that front remains at a historically low level,” said American Action’s Dan Goldbeck.

CEI Vice President Clyde Wayne Crews added, “It took a few years for Ronald Reagan to achieve his ultimate, one-third reduction in Federal Register pages following Jimmy Carter’s then-record Federal Register. So by this metric, Trump is moving much faster.”

And the Obama legacy takes yet another hit.

Oh, well.

As it happens, the studies only look at the cutting through the end of the fiscal year (September 30), but the Trump team is on a roll. The savings involved isn’t just to the federal budget, but in many cases to Americans’ wallets. That isn’t explained here, but that will be one of the net results.

Also of interest is that the Trump administration has far fewer “significant rules” ($100 million expenses or more) than previous administrations, the fewest in the works since the George H.W. Bush Administration.

Now, if only Congress would act….

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